DoomWizard is a comedy webseries about a man who is fed up with being a loser and decides to take his life into his own hands: by telling people that he is a wizard.

Created by Luke Giordano, DoomWizard is a six episode comedy series for the internet. It tells the story of a man named Leonard Spruga, who's allowed people to walk all over him his entire life. He decided to make a change, that he wasn't going to take it anymore, and that he would only answer to the name "DoomWizard."

He uses his new persona to exact revenge on those who have wronged him and carry out his own brand of vigilante street justice.

Written by Luke Giordano
Directed by Luke Giordano (Episodes 1-4 and 6) and Jarret Palmer (Episode 5)
Produced by Jarret Palmer
Director of Photography: Tahlee Scarpitti, Cody Preston Troxell, Crystal Kelley, Jordan Gzesh
Music by Joe Moore
Associate Producer: Mike Weinstein
Assistant Director: Tim Urian
1st Assistant Camera: Meg Hall
2nd Assistant Camera: Tim Yao
Sound Recordist: Daniel Kloch, Gary Casey
Edited by Luke Giordano

Brendan Kennedy as DoomWizard

Also Starring
Justin Taite as Finn
Olivia Cristina Delgado as Joan
Meg Favreau as Selah
Paul Wartak as Eddie
Edward Gelhaus as Allen
Avi K. Garg as the Pigeon Man of Echo Park
Luke Giordano as Calvus Hindley, Jr.
Robin Roth as Salby
JP Boudwin as Otto
Shannon Brown as Chris
Jesse Leighton as Jimmy
Billy Williamson as Benji
Erik Hoffstad as Garbage Can Wilkins

Michael Tomasetti, Ahamed Weinberg, Myrone Sumner, Tim Urian, Jarret Palmer, Rob Gentile, Vanessa Goodman, Michael Rainey, Pat Barker